An introduction to the issue of blood cults spread through united states

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An introduction to the issue of blood cults spread through united states

Non-Christians Christians However, once a person has been born of God and thus saved, can he lose his salvation status and revert to a nominal or non-Christian status? There have been different points of view on this issue. You can lose your salvation Free Grace Lordship Salvation Arminians There is often confusion among Christians between the Calvinistic doctrine of the perseverance of the saints and the Free Grace doctrine of eternal security.

Here is a general summary of both doctrines: Free Grace Theology This doctrine states believers can fall into sins for a prolonged period of time and that it is possible for true believers to fall away without losing salvation.

This is predominantly a dispensationalist doctrine. Calvinism Perseverance of the Saints or Lordship Salvation This doctrine states that those who are elected unto salvation will persevere till the end.

Holiness and faithfullness will be a general mark for the believer and that true believers will never backslide or fall away from the faith.

An introduction to the issue of blood cults spread through united states

This view denies the view that Christians can lose their salvation. This view is predominant in many Covenant based denominations like presbyterian and reformed baptist.

I have heard that this view is held by theologians like John MacArthur baptistR. Sproul presbyterianJ. Packer presbyterianJohn Gerstner, J. Boice, Kenneth Gentry, and James Kennedy. In his commentary on 1John 3: Hence two conclusions are to be drawn, that those in whom sin reigns cannot be reckoned among the members of Christ, and that they can by no means belong to his body John not only shews how efficaciously God works once in man, but plainly declares that the Spirit continues his grace in us to the last, so that inflexible perseverance is added to newness of life.

John declares that all who do not live righteously are not of God, because all those whom God calls, he regenerates by his Spirit. Hence newness of life is a perpetual evidence of divine adoption.

For Finney is often characterized as Arminian, as in fact he is in some of his theology.

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But on this matter he states, "Another effect of gospel justification is to ensure sanctification. It not only insures all the means of sanctification, but the actual accomplishment of the work so that the individual who is truly converted will surely persevere in obedience till he is fitted for heaven and actually saved.

It teaches that you obtain salvation through faith in Christ, but then you must maintain your salvation status or lose it. Aminianism tends to be dominant in those churches that are derived from a Wesleyan tradition such churches as Methodist and Pentecostal including Assembly of God. What does the Bible Teach?

Can those born of God leave Christ? For if they had belonged to us, Once Saved they would have remained with us; Always Saved but their going showed that none of them belonged to us. Can those born of God live a lifestyle of sin? No one who continues to sin has either seen him or known him. He had never known Christ.

He had never been born of God.


Furthermore, according to the first part of this verse, of those who do "live in him" are born of God - are real Christians not one of them lives a lifestyle of sin. John explains a few verses later in 1John 3: The word "remain" is the word "meno" which in 1John 3: If he does either of these, such is an indication that he had not yet been born of God.

This is what the Bible teaches. Both the Free Grace believers and Arminians tend to object to this idea in that both groups believe that after being born of God, there is no change in your free will. Should Christians Live in Fear? If a doctrine has no application, then it has no relevance to the Christian life.

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