Kitchen remodel

What will Your kitchen cost to remodel? Find out instantly and for free with the RemodelOrMove. Have you wondered what it might cost to remodel your kitchen? Are you curious if the value of your house will increase more than the cost of the remodel?

Kitchen remodel

No two kitchens are the Kitchen remodel. Not all are large and flooded with natural light and original hardwood floors, but some of the same guiding principles apply regardless of what your space looks like. A good place to start when approaching a kitchen renovation is to ask yourself what you want out of the room and why you want to change it in the first place.

Do you have an outdated kitchen that requires a total overhaul? Are the materials dated and just need an update? Can you do it yourself? Are you looking for easy fixes to breath new life into your space?

Before starting a kitchen remodel, or any other type of big project in your home, be informed about things like building codes and permits and watch out for these 10 things not to do.

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Color Scheme Collect this idea With all the different kinds of paint on the market, choosing a color or Kitchen remodel can be overwhelming.

Generally speaking, white and off-white are the most popular kitchen color ideas according to the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association. The good news is that paint color is easily changeable so if you want a bold statement wall then paint is a better way to do that than tile which is more expensive and harder to swap out.

Warmer colors like red are thought to stimulate appetite while white offers a clean, fresh aesthetic. Creating a design where colors and textures are cohesive from the floor to the ceiling can be challenging so simplify the design process by choosing an all white kitchen.

Nearly every material comes in white and white appliances are now updated and back in style and look through our favorite 50 white kitchen ideas for inspiration.

Cabinets Collect this idea Cabinets end up taking up to one-third of renovation budgets on average. They are a high impact element of design and have the potential to really anchor Kitchen remodel space. Though replacing all of your cabinetry can deliver a large return on investment, doing so can be extremely expensive.

Flooring Collect this idea There are a number of different considerations when it comes to choosing a material for your kitchen floor.

Does the space get a lot of traffic? Is your budget tight? Consider our tips for selecting a material for your floorswhich will help you choose what works best for your space. Hardwood floors are desirable and provide a classic look, but can be replicated by laminate which is a much cheaper alternative.

Materials like cork and bamboo, among others, are economically friendly kitchen flooring ideas that are good for green design.

Countertops Collect this idea Like flooring, choosing a kitchen countertop is based on a number of different factors, from look and feel to cost and maintenance. A range of materials can be used for countertops, such as granite, marble, glass, stainless steel and engineered quartz.

Tile can also be used in different places—from the backsplash to the floor to the counter—and we have 6 tips for choosing the perfect tile application for your kitchen. For a primer on materials, from classic to obscure, browse our guide to 10 trending kitchen counter materials.

Islands Collect this idea Including an island in your kitchen renovation is a huge benefit in securing resale value. There are many advantages to having a kitchen islandfrom extra seating and food prep area to additional storage space.

There are many different options but here are 14 of our favorite kitchen backsplash ideas. Storage Collect this idea Storage space in a kitchen can seem like a secondary consideration until you think of all the food items, dishware, pots and pans, and seldom-used appliances that need a place to be stored when not in use.

Luckily there are many places to sneak functional storage space into your kitchen pantryways to make kitchen storage more efficient and ideas for laying out a kitchen for the best workflow.

And sometimes the easiest way to make the room more spacious is to keep countertops organized and clutter-free so you have a usable space for food prep. Decorating on a budget Collect this idea If a full renovation is not in your price range then redecorating is one way to breath new life into the space without spending a small fortune.

A light, bright room feels bigger so painting the walls or replacing lighting elements is an inexpensive way to make a high-impact change.

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And if changing other elements like countertops or floors is not an option then consider getting rid of old appliances and replacing them with shiny stainless steel or modern white ones. There are many ways to decorate on a tight budget and create a luxury kitchen for a fraction of the price by doing things like using stylish ceramic tile in place of marble.

Other creative options to revamp your kitchen include displaying personal decorative items like cookbooks and photos or opening up the space by knocking down a wall or two.

Another cheap way to make a noticeable difference is to switch out the hardware on drawers and cabinets, like changing out old tarnished pulls and knocks with modern brass fixtures.

Kitchen remodel

Kitchen walls take up a lot of real estate in the room and are a place where cheap changes can make a big difference. Browse through our five favorite wall decoration ideasfrom chalkboard walls to open shelving, for inspiration that you can apply to your own space.

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Inspiration Collect this idea Freshome offers endless inspiration for all the rooms in your home, inside and out. Get the wheels turning by looking through the top kitchen trends ofbrowsing through modern kitchen designs, or sifting through more niche kitchen remodeling ideas like how to choose the perfect range hood.Our kitchen remodeling designs will add style and function to the heart of your home.

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Kitchen remodel

Look through these pictures for great kitchen design ideas and be inspired to create a new look for your kitchen.

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