Meethi and vishnu love story

Do you want to know the story of how they married? The story of their marriage starts with Indra — the Lord of the Devas. Now Indra was a very powerful God.

Meethi and vishnu love story

While Meethi and Mukta were in conversation they were overheard by Nani. She reads the letter and is shell shocked.

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She has made up her mind that her dear Mukta would not marry the penniless Vishnu. She swaps the letter with a pendant and hands it over to Meethi. He hands the mangalsutra to Meethi as a last attempt to make her realize the love they share.

As Akash was trailing away in an auto, Meethi realized her love for Akash and runs to the bus stop. After searching through the heap of buses, she finally finds him. Both of them embrace each other and pronounce their love.

Meanwhile, Rathore comes to know that all the misunderstanding is sorted between Meethi, Mukta and Vishnu and now Mukta will live her dream of marrying Vishnu.

Rathore warns his future son in law to take utmost care of his princess. Just when Rathore decides to share this news with the world, enters Ekadish with the police, claiming that Rathore has killed her nephew Nirbhay.

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Maiyaa mocks at Damini and says that she will make Meethi suffer, this triggers Damini and she tells Maiyaa that now Akash and Meethi have signed the divorce papers and Meethi is getting married to Vishnu. Feeling helpless Meethi again says a yes to marry Vishnu. In the police station Rathore is trying his best to convince the inspector that he is innocent but the witness Shambhu, set up by Maiyaa is firm that it was Rathore who killed Nirbhay.

Within seconds things have taken a drastic turn. She tries talking it out with Tapasya but is left helpless. Vishnu, unaware of all the happening, arrives with the baraat.

At the bus stop Akash is still waiting for a call or a text from Meethi, and here Meethi is made to sit beside Vishnu as his groom. As Vishnu lifts the veil to put the sindoor, he is shocked to see Meethi. Will Vishnu and Meethi get married? Will Rathore be freed from jail and come back home at the right time to stop this marriage?

Stay tuned to this space to know more!Aug 30,  · After Vishnu and Mukta, Meethi to confess her love for Akash in Colors' Uttaran.

Meethi pleads to her husband, Vishnu (Mrunal Jain), but fails to get a response. It’s then that she understands that Vishnu never really loved her. It’s then that she understands that Vishnu.

Yes, the new love-hate story on Uttaran had to start with the wrong partner for both Meethi and Vishnu. As seen so far, Vishnu was very much in love with Mukta and had confessed his love just before his wedding with Meethi.

Meethi and vishnu love story

Jul 06,  · Uttaran- Love, romance to bloom amid Mukta and Vishnu in Uttaran- Mukta and Vishnu's Love Story. In yesterday’s episode, the viewers have already seen Meethi and Vishnu’s confession for love for each other.

Uttaran: Will Meethi realise Vishnu has tricked her into marriage? -

Our sources have informed something further in this love story. Further, Vishnu will meet Ichcha and ask for Meethi’s marriage proposal with him. A guy named Vishnu enters into Meethi's life and gains everyones love and respect. Vishnu and Meethi become very good friends and soon their friendship turns into love.

Vishnu also makes Meethi understand that she shouldn't hate her mother because whatever she is doing is for Meethi's own good.

Uttaran: Will Meethi realise Vishnu has tricked her into marriage? -