Multimedia business presentation

Rafter Multimedia, such as mobile marketing, livecasting and podcasting, photo, video and file sharing, can spread the word about your company and help build brand awareness in a very unique and powerful way. This particular type of social media also has the ability to go viral quickly. Hottrix, the Las Vegas, Nevada-based iPhone app creator, became one example of a breakthrough success story when their iBeer app, which simulates chugging a mug of beer on the iPhone, became one of the most-downloaded apps inand again in

Multimedia business presentation

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Serif fonts have small embellishments or lines at the base of each letter. These embellishments make it easier to follow a line of text on the printed page, but they are a distraction on a screen. Font size is crucial.

multimedia business presentation

You can find many rules for determining the proper font size for a particular presentation setting. A good general rule is to use at least 28 point for body text and 38 point for heading text. Standard advice is to use light text on a dark background in projected presentations, but pay attention to the strength of the image projected by the projector.

One graphics person suggested yellow text on an indigo background. There are some who recommend dark text on a light background if the room is large. Text and white space.

The standard limit is either 7 x 7 seven lines, no more than seven words each or 5 x 5 five lines, no more than five words each on each slide. Remember that lecture notes on a slide play a different role in a lecture than do lecture notes that only the lecturer can see. You can use slides in lecture to List major points of your lecture.

Several of the major points might stay on the screen as you develop each of them in turn, providing a way for those listening to the lecture to place each point in the larger context. Again, one slide with several terms might remain on the screen for some time, allowing you to refer to each of them as you introduce them in your lecture.

Sometimes a picture can make words worth much more than they are without the picture. Move participants through stages of understanding. Suppose you have a discussion in which students are asked to work together to analyze a dataset and reach a particular conclusion about the dataset. You could begin with a slide that presents the dataset in a disorganized way and ask the students to work together to identify patterns.

As the discussion progressed to identify patterns that you would expect students to identify, you might then present a slide that showed these patterns.

The discussion would proceed, supported at each stage by a slide that exhibited the patterns identified at that stage. Take, organize, project real-time notes on discussion. Students often take notes during a discussion. Have students take turns serving as primary notetaker for the discussion, recording these notes in real time in a word processor projected onto the screen.

Students develop the skill of recording and organizing information as a discussion is taking place.

Moreover, these notes are in electronic form and therefore easily revised and reproduced.Perfect For – Business; Producers; Digital Agencies. Enhance any presentation with visuals and multimedia examples of the information, ideas and arguments you are presenting.

Panopto. At Panopto, the company believes that video can have a transformative effect on learning. So they built a video platform that helps businesses . Make Professional Presentations & Infographics Online with Visme's amazingly simple free tool with 's of templates & graphics.

Publish Online or Download for offline use. business cards, post cards and more for print;. How to Use Multimedia For Business Marketing: Mobile Marketing There are billion cellular connections worldwide, and with the prevalence of smart phones, the concept of browsing the Web from a.

Watch the video to explore the advantages of Focusky Presentation Maker. Watch the video zoom and pan effects make the business presentation present like an animated movie.

Besides, transition effect can enhance your video presentation effectively make the presentation stand out definitely. the multimedia presentation can engage and. Use of area Multimedia use in Business Business application for multimedia include presentation, Training, advertisement, video, conferencing and etc.

For example– sells person can learn and Provide poster with the help of multimedia. The easiest way to create a multimedia presentation is in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can add in video, a soundtrack and also a reasonable degree of animation.

By far the the biggest advantage of making multimedia presentations in PowerPoint is that it is easy for anyone to be able to edit the presentation.

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