Write an article on mid day meal scheme

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Write an article on mid day meal scheme

Tripura has achieved a literacy rate of The — decade is the second census period after the — census period when the absolute number of Indian illiterates declined by 31, peopleindicating that the literacy growth rate is now outstripping the population growth rate.

While there are few states at the top and bottom, most states are just above or below the national average. Lessons from state literacy efforts in India[ edit ] Several states in India have executed successful programs to boost literacy rates.

Over time, a set of factors have emerged as being key to success: Bihar literacy challenges[ edit ] Bihar has significantly raised the literacy rate as per the census. Children from "lower castes" are frequently denied school attendance and harassed when they do attend.

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The national literacy rate, according to the census, was The Tripura success story is attributed to the involvement of local government bodies, including gram panchayats, NGOs and local clubs under the close supervision of the State Literacy Mission Authority SLMA headed by the chief minister.

Tripura has 45 blocks and 23 subdivisions that are served by 68 government-run schools and private schools. Total literacy drive for people aged between 15 and 50 who have lost the chance of entering formal education fold.

A special program — titled improved pace and content learning IPCL — has been designed to provide basic education to such people.

Policy of no fail till class VIII to prevent children from dropping out. Midday meals in all schools with an eclectic menu for all days of the week to attract more students. No tuition fee in government colleges. The holistic education system, implemented with equal interest in Agartalaremote areas and the tribal autonomic areas makes sure that people in Tripura do not just become literate but educated, officials emphasized.

One pointer to the government's interest in education is the near-total absence of child labor in Tripura. The access for rural students to higher educational institutions in cities is facilitated by widely subsidized transport fares.

Kerala's educational system has been developed by institutions owned or aided by the government.

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In the educational system prevailed in the state, schooling is for 10 years which is subdivided into lower primary, upper primary and high school.

After 10 years of secondary schooling, students typically enroll in Higher Secondary Schooling in one of the three major streams—liberal arts, commerce or science.

Upon completing the required coursework, students can enroll in general or professional undergraduate programs.

The story this Kentucky preacher-turned-politician tells is one of heroics, miracles and public service. But our investigation uncovered a different story. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education, popularly known as the Mid-Day Meal Scheme (MDM) was started in in an attempt to enhance enrolment, retention and attendance while simultaneously improving nutritional levels among children in school. It currently covers nearly 12 crore children. The main objectives of the .

Kerala undertook a "campaign for total literacy" in Ernakulam district in the late s, with a "fusion between the district administration headed by its Collector on one side and, on the other side, voluntary groups, social activists and others".

Himachal Pradesh underwent a "Schooling Revolution" in the — period that has been called "even more impressive than Kerala's. Himachal Pradesh is a Himalayan state with lower social stratification than many other states, which enables social programmes to be carried out more smoothly.

Once the Government of Himachal Pradesh was able to establish a social norm that "schooling is an essential part of every child's upbringing," literacy as a normal attribute of life was adopted very rapidly. The programme was introduced in a large scale in s under the Chief Ministership of K.

Ramachandran, decided to universalise the scheme for all children up to class Tamil Nadu's midday meal programme is among the best-known in the country.

Tamil Nadu's literacy rate rose from For example, J K group has helped over 29, citizens of India, mostly village women, to move towards literacy — which means being able to sign their name, read sign boards and handle money, in local languages in eight different states.

The campaign to achieve at least the threshold literacy level represents the largest ever civil and military mobilisation in the country. Government efforts[ edit ] National Literacy Mission[ edit ] The National Literacy Mission, launched inaimed at attaining a literacy rate of 75 per cent by The Total Literacy Campaign is their principal strategy for the eradication of illiteracy.

An important component of the scheme is the Education Guarantee Scheme and Alternative and Innovative Education, meant primarily for children in areas with no formal school within a one kilometre radius.

The centrally sponsored District Primary Education Programme, launched inhad opened more thannew schools byincluding almost 84, alternative schools.

Government programmes alone, however well-intentioned, may not be able to dismantle barriers built over centuries.Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and barnweddingvt.com The Scheme estimates a cooked mid-day meal with a minimum of calories and grams of protein to all children studying in classes I - V.

Upper Primary meals consist of calories and 20 grams of protein by providing grams of food grains (rice/wheat) per child/school day.

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write an article on mid day meal scheme

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